Resident Advisor/Intern – 2 Positions Needed!


Redeemer’s Boarding School

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Position Available

Title: Resident Advisor/Intern – 2 Positions

Hours: Full-time

Job Description

Redeemer’s Boarding School (a ministry of Grace Bible Fellowship of Republic) is committed to helping girls (grades 3-12) who are a part of our loving, disciplined, and Christian environment. We are committed to the Word of God as being totally sufficient to bring about spiritual growth and change in each and every girl who will bend her knee to the authority of Jesus Christ and His Word.

Resident Advisors (RA’s) are women who make a 6 or 12 month commitment to serve young ladies in our boarding school setting. They live full time at RBS, building relationships while participating in daily activities such as class, chores, Bible study, and recreation. Some RA’s may also serve in a discipleship role. They serve, not by their own strength or character, but by the power of Jesus Christ working through them.

The opportunities for an RA here at RBS are numerous but primarily include being a godly role model. RA’s may serve as tutors, office personnel, disciplers, agricultural support, horticultural support, or simply teaching girls basic cooking skills. RA’s may also complete their college studies (via online courses) while serving at RBS.


The following characteristics are desirous for service as an RA:

• A commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as demonstrated through a consistent Christian walk.
• A personal foundation in Biblical truth.
• Regular attendance and fellowship in a Biblical church.
• A willingness to serve young ladies and the Lord in a self-less capacity.
• The ability to initiate and build relationships.
• The ability to encourage and help students in truth and love.
• A personal application of God’s Word in your daily life.

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