Facility Maintenance Assistant Needed!


Interact Ministries

31000 SE Kelso Rd.

Gresham, OR 97009


Position Available

Title: Facility Maintenance Assistant

Hours: Volunteer

Job Description

The Facility Maintenance Assistant is responsible for assisting with the maintenance and upkeep of all vehicles, buildings, land and physical systems (electrical, plumbing, sewage, water, heating, phone) on InterAct’s Lazy Mountain Campus in Palmer, Alaska.


Spiritual Qualifications:
* Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
* Have a lifestyle–current and ongoing–that is in compliance with InterAct’s Standards of Christian Life and Ministry

Required Education, Experience, Skills and/or Competencies:
* Possess a driver’s license valid for driving in Alaska
* Experience in residential building trades
* Experience maintaining oil-fired heating systems

Preferred Education, Experience, Skills and/or Competencies:
* Experience in heavy equipment operation
* Familiarity with phone systems.

Please note that the position requires working outdoors in potentially extremely cold temperatures and in high wind conditions.

Contact Info

Jim Darnall

(503) 668-5571